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Corona Information

Our health is our most valuable asset. It is especially important to protect this now. The safety of our guests and employees is therefore our greatest concern. For this reason, we have implemented the highest safety, hygiene and disinfection measures that we would like to introduce to you:



Our breakfast buffet is currently presented in packaged form. Please contact our service staff if you are missing something.



Our guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned, ventilated and disinfected after each departure. During your stay, we will only clean your room at your express request. To ensure the highest possible disinfection, we have reduced the moving objects in your room to the essentials. Please let us know if you should miss something.



After each visit, the used table and chair are cleaned and disinfected. To ensure a comprehensive disinfection, we have removed decoration, salt and pepper, etc. from the tables. Please contact us if we can bring you something.



Disinfection stations can be found in all public areas. All contact-intensive surfaces such as door handles, handrails, light switches, etc. are cleaned and disinfected at regular, short intervals. These areas are also thoroughly ventilated and disinfected during the seminar breaks.


Mask requirement

In all public areas of the house there is a mask requirement for guests and employees.


Sauna and fitness

Due to the current regulations, these areas are currently closed.

In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we give everything to harmonize safety and comfort in the best possible way.

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